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4 Reasons to Love Ann Arbor Tudor-Style Homes

Identified by their steeply pitched, multi-gabled rooflines and decorative half-timber framing, Tudor-style homes are one of the most recognizable homes in the country. The steeply pitched roofs are ideally suited for climates with a lot of rain and snow, which is one reason they are so popular throughout the Ann Arbor region. Here are 4 additional reasons Tudor-style homes have sustained their popularity!

1.  As modern-day reinventions of medieval cottages from the 1500s, Tudor revivals illustrate an enchanting English countryside sense, even in a city.

2.   Half-timbering, the strips of wood that are usually brown, create one-of-a-kind patterns on the stucco or brick, so no two Tudor-style homes are exactly alike.

3.  Known as gables, the peaks on Tudor-style homes enhance the windows, doorways, and the garage, creating a warm and welcoming feeling that really sets them apart.

4.  Tudor-style homes look great with simple, evergreen landscaping. Low maintenance landscaping is a huge bonus!

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What do you love most about Tudor-style homes?

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