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Unique 1930s Home on the West Side of Ann Arbor



This week we are featuring Rob Ewing’s Listing – 3050 Lakeview Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103

Can you describe the architectural style of the home?

3050 Lakeview Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103

What distinctive features set this home apart?
The home is a 1930 ‘Chicago’ brick and stone gem. Since the house was constructed around the Great Depression, it features Craftsman style details–this can be seen in the coves and ceilings. This one of a kind home features glass door knobs, stained glass window and doors, wooden archways, and wood floors throughout. It has lots of nooks and crannies and a favorite part of the home is what the family calls the ‘breakfast nook’. It also has a turret in the front that looks like the soldiers could have a place to get ready for battle.

3050 Lakeview Drive Living Room
What are the advantages of the location & neighborhood?
The house is in the Lakewood Elementary school district. It is close to everything including great restaurants, movie theatre, all the conveniences for everyday living.

3050 Lakeview Drive Dining Room

Have there been any recent renovations or upgrades?
The kitchen has been upgraded with granite and tile. New patio pavers have been added to the walkway and the patio, which features a fire pit.

3050 Lakeview Drive  BedRoom

Does the community have any amenities we should know about?
The house is in a great walking community. It is near the beautiful First and Second Sister Lakes and the Dolph Nature Area.

3050 Lakeview Drive Fire Pit

What amazing views will the new homeowner be able to enjoy?
The house is surrounded by tall trees.

3050 Lakeview Drive Army Men

Can you tell us a fun fact about the home?
When we were cleaning out the vents we found toy metal soldiers from the 1930’s. Apparently a child decided to put 10 of them down a vent.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about the home?
The previous owners have lived in the home for 21 years. Their children grew up there and it seems that the folks who have lived there in the past come back to visit the home. It’s a very special place to live for a very special family.

For more information about 3050 Lakeview Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103 or if you are interested in scheduling a showing please contact Rob Ewing at 734-216-5955.

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4 Reasons to Love Ann Arbor Tudor-Style Homes

Identified by their steeply pitched, multi-gabled rooflines and decorative half-timber framing, Tudor-style homes are one of the most recognizable homes in the country. The steeply pitched roofs are ideally suited for climates with a lot of rain and snow, which is one reason they are so popular throughout the Ann Arbor region. Here are 4 additional reasons Tudor-style homes have sustained their popularity!

1.  As modern-day reinventions of medieval cottages from the 1500s, Tudor revivals illustrate an enchanting English countryside sense, even in a city.

2.   Half-timbering, the strips of wood that are usually brown, create one-of-a-kind patterns on the stucco or brick, so no two Tudor-style homes are exactly alike.

3.  Known as gables, the peaks on Tudor-style homes enhance the windows, doorways, and the garage, creating a warm and welcoming feeling that really sets them apart.

4.  Tudor-style homes look great with simple, evergreen landscaping. Low maintenance landscaping is a huge bonus!

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What do you love most about Tudor-style homes?

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